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Some people say they wouldn’t trade the European Summer for anything. The truth is that Europe’s exquisite landscape is a huge playground for outdoor enthusiasts who love a great sports adventure. There is a bunch of extreme activities to choose from, including surf camps in France, paragliding in Switzerland, canyoning near Annecy Lake, climbing the striking peaks of Aosta and a hell of a lot more! Here is a compilation of some of the best adventurous things to do in Europe this Summer.


France is more than just croissants and the Eiffel Tower. If you look close enough, you will find the perfect combination of lakes, mountains and beaches to add to your summer adventure itinerary in France.

1. Annecy Lake

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Located in the Haute-Savoie region of France, Annecy Lake is an exclusive place for watersports adventures due to its incredible nearby canyoning spots such as the sensational 60 metres Cascade d’Angon. Besides canyoning, you can also go paragliding in Annecy Lake over the stunning landscape of Annecy or even, take advantage of the turquoise water to practice open water swimming.

2. Biarritz

You are one step away from a world-class surf spot! Located in the French Basque coast, it is France’s best beach break, blessed with amazing swells
all-year around. La Grande Plage and Plage des Basques are some of the most well-known beaches in the area and probably the most crowded too. Therefore, it is better to visit Biarritz during the months of May/early June and between mid-September/October when the surf is good and the weather is still warm.

3. The Gorges of Verdon

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Think of The Gorges of Verdon as your must-go if you can only fit one trip on your agenda. For canyoning lovers out there, this natural wonder extends to 25km from the villages of La Castellane and Moustiers Sainte Marie where you will find unmissable canyoning points such as Gours du Ray, Canyon du Riolan and the 16km long Pont de Taloire! The small town of Castellane is also a great spot for kayaking and rafting adventures plus, if you are into mountain biking there are some epic rocky trails in Verdon’s National Park. The small village of Annot is a good start point featuring a 1500m descend with amazing breath-taking views. Verdon awaits you!


Home to world-class mountains and crystal-clear lakes, this amazing little country is for sure Europe’s hidden gem. Summer is the ideal time to discover Switzerland’s peculiar outdoors with a tone of adventure sports to choose from.

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1. Valais

Sometimes considered the Himalayan of Europe, Valais is home to the impressive Matterhorn mountain reaching an altitude of 4.634m situated around the Rhone Valley in the southwestern part of Switzerland. One of the most challenging adventures to do in here is the infamous hike around the 7 peaks that make up the valley over the course of 7 days. This is a quite demanding adventure, so make sure you are in good physical condition. Valais is also great for mountain biking due to its vast public transport network that provides you with more than 100 ways to start and end your trail. Finally, the Rhone also offers a compilation of long rapids and white waters for kayaking and canoeing. Plan wisely and have a blast!

2. Verbier

Verbier is one of the few places on the valley where you can go skydiving, - the excitement is real! On the other hand, the imponent summit of Mont Fort is a must-do for free climbing enthusiasts. The jaw-dropping view from the summit and the experience of a lifetime to sit down and watch this unique piece of art is indeed priceless.

3. Crans-Montana

To all of you who need to take a break from the world and recharge the batteries. Crans-Montana is a mystical place to practice yoga and meditation, somewhere you can set your mind free to find inner peace. Located in the district of Sierre, it is an easy 2000m hike up to the summit that can be completed in less than 2 hours.

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4. Val d’Anniviers


Val d’Anniviers lies a few miles away from Crans-Montana but both have differences for adventures. Mountaineering over here is a unique way to explore incredible glaciers, mountains and pristine environments far from the big crowds. Furthermore, for those planning to climb the thrilling Bishorn route, consider the Tracuit Hut located in Zinal as a good starting point.

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A country bursting in culture, home to delicious stone baked pizza, unspoiled nature, scenic beaches and world-class peaks. You can’t go wrong with outdoor activities in Italy.

1. Aosta

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Located in the northwest of Italy touching borders with the canton of Valais, Aosta is an exclusive destination for hiking, canyoning and mountain biking enthusiasts. Trek your way deep into the valley in search for natural water slides and crystalline lakes awaiting to be ridden without having to worry about the winter crowds, - heaven on earth, right?

2. Courmayeur

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Also located in the Aosta Valley, Courmayeur welcomes top alpinists from all over the world due to its location in the foothills of Mont Blanc. Nonetheless, Summer on this side of the planet is perfect for trail runners as some of the routes once covered by ice begin to show up again. A personal favourite is the Courmayeur - Champex - Chamonix +90km running trail with an average of 1800m elevation gain over a course of 3 days. There is also a bunch of climbing spots to choose from such as the beautiful granite walls of Mont Blanc.


Knokke-Heist is Up to 7bft winds and an extensive beach break, make of this town a great place to put your boards back in the water. Unlike other seaside resorts in Europe, you can expect this spot to be pretty quiet during the high season, perfect for an epic summer kitesurfing session. Other activities such as windsurfing and sailing are also welcome in Knokke-Heist.


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La Izquierda, La Fitenia, Punta Blanca, El Socorro and Las Galletas, - five of many unmissable surf spots in Tenerife! The island is Spain’s surfing paradise, with a sea temperature ranging from 23-26C degrees, crystal clear waters and a bunch of lefts and rights to choose from. However, despite the perfect summer conditions, the island welcomes on average nearly 6 million tourists each year (Statista, 2019). Thus if you are looking for uncrowded and yet good surfing sessions, we strongly advise you to visit this beautiful volcanic island during the months of May and September/October. Check out Tenerife’s top certified surfing camps open all year round.

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