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The European region and countries within the Alps are slowly gaining interest in night skiing. Skiers now appreciate the beauty of skiing during sundown and the orange hues of the sun as it sets. As this culture grows, ski destinations and resorts are embracing it fast by setting up illuminated slopes for their enthusiastic skiing visitors. Additionally, this means that skiing fans can have enough of the sport without limitations. It gets more exciting when the stars and the moon are up in the sky as well, shinning on the slopes.

Skiing on the floodlit slopes depends on the weather, and it is, therefore, essential to take the necessary precautions. Places that offer night skiing will have it included in the Ski pass, so this comes at no extra cost. Night skiing is also a perfect sport for those skiers who need some alone time in uncrowded areas. If you intend to explore the night skiing adventure, here is our list of the top destinations in the Alps.

1.      Laax (Switzerland)

The Laax region holds a lot of winter sports opportunities, and you are guaranteed to have fun. The rocksresort located in this region will be your access point to the winter sports. Night skiing is available every Friday after sundown until 10:45 pm. The illuminated path is available for use until 8th March this year through the Laax to Curnius piste. After a successful and exciting skiing experience, you can enjoy dinner in one of the many available restaurants in the region.

2.      Avers (Switzerland)

Avers is a small ski resort but prides in its 1.4km floodlight slopes. The terrain at Avers is best suited for the newbies, intermediate skiers and snowboarders. However, there is also good terrain for advanced and expert skiers from its 12Km long pistes. The pistes are served by three lifts with one being available for night skiing on Wednesday night. However, the lifts can move up to 1000 skiers and snowboarders per hour.

3.      La Forclaz (France)

The Forclaz is another destination in the Alps where you can extend your skiing fun into the night. The total length of the pistes is 15Km with three lifts and a carrying capacity of 600 skiers per hour. This region has a floodlit vertical descent of 800m for night skiing enthusiasts. Additionally, this is also open to snowboarders willing to unwind under the shining light of the moon and stars. The properly lit slopes make it possible to organize a slalom that can last longer into the night. Night skiing at Forclaz is available on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

4.      Hasliberg (Switzerland)

You will love to kick-start your weekend with a night skiing adventure at Meiringen-Hasliberg resort in Bernese Oberland. Night skiing at the resort is open every Friday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm till 15th March this year . The activity takes place on their illuminated Mägisalp-Reuti slope. While at it, you can take time and enjoy a meal at the Magislap mountain restaurant.

Though night skiing would not need any extra supplies than a typical day on the slopes, ensure you keep warm. Also, for night skiing, a pair of clear skiing goggles would work better than the ordinary tinted ones. Most importantly, check the weather and ensure that it is favorable for smooth night skiing.