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Winter can be a very depressing time especially for people who love outdoor activities. However, for a freerider, this would definitely not be a worry. In fact, this is the perfect time to get busy. Notwithstanding, this would also be a perfect time to take a well-deserved break from daily hassles and take a trip to a fun destination.

When on a freeride skiing adventure, you are looking for the ultimate experience. This means that you want to have as much fun as possible. However, there is little, or no information on the best resorts with the necessary resources for a freeride expedition. While some resorts may be known for quality freeride areas, the cost of food, lifts and other necessities is always a put-off. Hence, to get value for your money, here is a list of the best Europe Ski Resort for Freeride.

1. Val Thorens, France

The Val Thorens is a popular Skiing destination and most especially for its thrilling heights. The resort offers 7,500 feet high which ranks as the highest in the entire of Europe. Additionally, because of this massive height, the resort enjoys a longer period of snow covers which runs from November all the way to May. The long period also makes it convenient to make appointments without the fear of congestion due to peak seasons. Hence, if you are looking to be thrilled, the Val Thorens in France is a good place to start.

2. Verbier, Switzerland

After its reinvention in 2008, Verbier has been one of the most coveted Skiing resorts in the Alps. It has found favor among Skiing enthusiasts for its glamour and sense of luxury as well as VIP treatment. It’s a no wonder that it has made a mark among the youthful clientele. Its backcountry terrain is a perfect fit for the sporty kind both novices and experts alike. This means that it is a perfect destination for a freeride expedition. Though the resort is not cheap, it offers high-quality accommodation and hospitality services which makes it all worth it.

3. Lyngen, Norway

The Lyngen Alps is one of the freeride destinations that most enthusiasts are finding fashionable. Though there no particular resort in the Alps, there are several accommodation options if you are willing to explore the height of the Alps. Accommodation here is quite affordable given that the population in the area is declining. The snow cover is perfect between March and April according to the locals. Though the mountains are not as high as other destinations, they offer a unique yet fun experience especially having to hike due to the lack of skiing lifts in the mountains.

4. Val d’Isère, France

In the world of skiing and resorts, the Val d’Isère is at the top of it all. It has among the most established infrastructure and facilities which makes it a tourist destination. Freeride enthusiasts would find this a positive challenge with its natural terrains. The resort has almost 90 lifts which make the experience even more fascinating. Also, it is a hospitable place for beginners and intermediates looking for thrilling experiences. However, this is not a good place for anyone looking at a fixed budget because this state of the art resources come at a cost. All in all, if you consider the value for money, you should consider adding this resort to your bucket list.

5. Jasna, Slovakia

Jasna and Slovakia for this matter have a dazzling freeride experience in a good snow condition. At such times, when the snow levels are optimal, this resort has terrific terrains for off-piste. At the peak of the highest point in the resort is the Chopok which is about 2,000m high. On the other side of this peak is a backcountry terrain which features cliff drops and wide chutes. Also, if you haven`t had enough during the day, you can extend to the night with their illuminated slope.

6. Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

A fun fact about this destination that freeriders may find exciting is that it has been used as a filming destination by James Bond and Sylvester Stallone. If you have any clue about these two actors daring stunts, then you will understand that the terrains here can be thrilling. Cortina d’Ampezzo was also home to the 1956 winter Olympics which was also the beginning of its reputation.

7. Chamonix–Mont Blanc, France

Cham` is a trendy destination world over and any freeride enthusiast fancies the experience of this great off-piste. Though it’s extremely thrilling, many people have also lost their lives in the mountains. The resort harbors four states of the art skiing system that is; the Les Houches, La flegere/Le Brevent, and the Grand Montets.  Freeride adventures can offer a great backcountry feel when the snowfall is right. Hence, before settling for this destination, check to ensure that the snow covers are convenient.

8. Davos, Switzerland

Davos has particularly, the best freeride skiing area in Switzerland. The resort boasts of over 300km of skiing area with proper terrain and pistes. More importantly is the availability of great off-piste opportunity for experts and the more daring skiers. Additionally, the resort offers Ski buses which makes it easy to maneuver from one destination to the other. Though the prices are not very low, the freeride experience along with other complimentary make it bearable.

9. Tignes, France

Though Tines may not be the most popular skiing destination in France, it is certainly one of the most dependable. Most people will choose this resort over other more exclusive resorts because of its long snow season. The availability of snow is what makes skiing and especially freeride fun and exciting. Additionally, the resort is next to the great Val d’Isère; infact, the two resorts share some of the skiing areas. The Grande Motte Glacier makes this resort a skiing destination for almost any time of the year even in the summer season

10. Monterosa, Italy

The foot of the second tallest mountain in the Alps, the Monte Rosa, is home to the Monterosa Ski resortanother exciting freeride destination. The slopes of the Alagna Valsesia provide the perfect surroundings for freeride snowboarders and skiers. The steep slopes of the valley are no place for the faint at heart with heights of over 3,000m. At the Monterosa resort, freeriding is of extreme exposure that requires expert level skills. This resort is very famous for its mountaineering experience and off-piste skiing.

There are many more freeride destinations in Europe, but these are among the best. If you are looking to have a lifetime experience, it would be wise to start with one of the destinations mentioned above. However, if you have any suggestion on a destination that should have made it to this list, we are always open to such ideas.