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If skateboarding is your thing then congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve landed on this page by accident, that’s also ok. You’re in for a treat. Allow me to explain.

I have the pleasure of reviewing some of the best urban content on the planet. This means that I spend hours, sometimes days, searching for impressive visuals that aim to inspire and perhaps tempt you the reader to grab a board and do stuff with it. What you end up doing with that board is entirely up to you. This is because skateboarding has evolved into more than a trend or an anti-establishment symbol.

Skateboarding has affirmed its place as a cross-cultural, global phenomenon that continues to gain traction with riders, from beginner through to the sponsored pro. Age and gender boundaries have also shifted. As the sport continues to re-invent itself, associate industries increasingly want in on the action. Companies ranging from Nike to Mercedes-Benz have already climbed on board.

While skateboarding concepts such as fitness and freedom have remained constant. The skateboard itself has undergone a dramatic change from the first boards that emerged out of California in the early 1950’s. Fast-forward to now where a range of features linked to the grip, trucks, bearings and wheels are constantly being modified.

Boards are now built stronger yet they weigh lighter. They offer more speed yet improved stability. They also come splashed with a range of fresh graphics and custom designs. Hipsters, tattoo parlours or tech startups use skateboard decks as wall art. There are even electric skateboards that can accelerate riders forward and back, with the push of a button.

I have been riding the Taylor Knox pro model by Carver for a few years now and for me, this style of riding does the trick. I was in search of a thicker shaped board that could be used on flat and downhill terrain that didn’t feel like a longboard but offered increased turning options. This courtesy of the swivel feature on the board’s front truck. I am also fond of surfing but with no beach nearby, this is perhaps the next best thing.

If you’re keen on doing tricks at a skate park or inner city, cruising or carving, or want to add pleasure to your commute. Chances are there’s a skateboard out there best suited for you. Whether you’re a fan or just want to see something impressive, click the play button on the 30-minute video below. A testament to the sport handpicked for your viewing pleasure.