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Summer is slowly saying goodbye to the northern hemisphere. It’s getting lighter later, darker earlier and that familiar morning chill is becoming more apparent. Whether you like it or not, there’s no doubt that winter is in the post. It’s being shipped in a large Styrofoam package, because cold stuff is usually packaged like that, and contains a giant sticker with your name printed on the label. Mine too.

While some are adjusting their GPS navigation’s south. Shopping around for cheap plane tickets and checking how many leave days they have. Others it seems are doing the opposite. Plans are being reserved for this side of the world. Budgeting for ski lift passes instead.

Winter’s coming

That’s because, for some, winter is more than just another season. It’s an opportunity to revive a winter sports fantasy. Whichever that may be. While finally making use of that snow gear that’s been collecting dust in a cupboard, underground cellar or garage over the past few months.

Surviving winter requires a unique frame of mind, whereby one perhaps enjoys or at least doesn’t mind getting really, really cold. Whereby the challenge of embracing the elements is what makes the months between November and May bearable. Adventure sports, snowboarding in particular, play a major role in making these sometimes vexing months pleasant, even if one only gets the chance to go boarding so many times.

Going down

The video below does well to whet your appetite and possibly provoke your enthusiasm about the upcoming winter season. The award-winning Japanese rider, Kazuhiro Kokubo, and friends take you on a trip down some of the world’s best powder-filled mountain slopes, in the upcoming film Kamikazu. Perhaps wordplay on the legendary, explosive Kamikaze air force attacks that took place during World War II.

Kamikazu ticks all the characteristics needed to make an attention-grabbing snowboarding film: style, creativity, death-defying drops and more. At first glance, the camera work, editing, and soundtrack all seem well thought out and perhaps even appropriate. As with many of these types of films, finding the right balance between authentic storyline and sponsor will, of course, determine its longevity and success.

See Kamikazu trailer: