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Take part in the Beta testing for an innovative platform that connects you to adventure sports effortlessly. Kooloco is your solution to list, discover and book unique sports adventures in Europe. On Kooloco you will find the latest camps, the most desired tours and sports lessons, whether it be surfing, skiing, snowboarding, biking, skateboarding, mountaineering or hiking.

Step 1: Download the Beta Testing app

If you have an iPhone, download the app here

If you use Android, download the app here

or check out the website

Step 2: Start using Kooloco for Users

1. Create a Kooloco Account

2. Welcome on board! Now you can book your adventures by using the following test cards for your payment:

  • 4242 4242 4242 4242- Visa
  • 5555 5555 5555 4444- Mastercard

You can add your own expiry date, year and CVV number on the test cards.

Step 3: Start using Kooloco for Service Providers

Follow these steps to start using Kooloco:

1. Create your service provider account on Kooloco

2. Create your adventure listing

3. Add testing bank account given here below:

Swiss Bank test account Number :

  • CH89370400440532013000
  • Country: Switzerland

You can add your own 7 digit BIC/SWIFT Information.

Step 4: Send us your feedback

You can either choose between our feedback form or connect directly with us on our facebook group to share your thoughts on our solution.

Your help would be highly appreciated!