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If you do your research about what makes the best surf destination, you will find a lot of information that pertains to nature. What I have realized is that most people perceive surf destinations as those with the best waves. Hence, when looking for a surf spot, the majority will opt for the one with the best swell window, waves and strong wind.

Notwithstanding these factors, crowded surf spots are not fun at all. I mean, you don`t want to spend your time competing for every wave that comes around, right? If we share this same thought, here is a list of uncrowded surf destinations you can visit in 2019.

1.      Serenade – Northern Maluku

Maluku is an archipelago in Indonesia which are also known as the Spice Islands. Other names that also refer to these Islands are Moluccas or Molluques. Even with the great waves and breaks, these islands are yet to capture the attention of surfers. The experience is even more exciting when visiting in groups. The place has a low population and is hugely unexplored. Hence, it is wise to carry some supplies especially in case of a medical emergency. The best mode of accessing this place by a boat which also makes part of the fun experience you should expect.

2.      Treasure Island, Banyak Islands – Indonesia

The best time to visit Treasure Island is in the dry season that is between May and October. It is quite a remote place and is only accessible through a boat ride. The swells here average at about 6ft with the best waves hitting from the south. Despite being uncrowded, this destination has multiple barrels which every surfer would die to experience. Also, the waves here are among the easiest to catch, so it is easy for you to go tube riding without much hassle. As with most of the spots in Indonesia, this place is quite isolated so you will need to be careful.

3.      Nouadhibou – Mauritania

Nouadhibou is the second largest city of this sub-Saharan Muslim country. It is possible that many fear coming here because of its minefields. Despite the fantastic waves similar to those in Senegal a popular destination in this region, few people visit Mauritania. A large population of people living in Nouadhibou can barely meet their basic needs. Hence, there are very few people who have time for such leisure activities. However, people here are very welcoming and helpful. Once you get to this place, make quick friends because the locals are very friendly to foreigners and you will find your way to the beach.

4.      West coast – India

The best surfing spots in India have limited accessibility due to bad roads. Hence, you will need help from the locals to identify some of these unexplored areas. On the other hand, there are many surfing spots in the west, east and south of the Indian coast hence creating variety. This wide selection of surfing spots reduces crowding significantly. Though the waves are not unexceptionally big, it helps to have adequate space and time to keep trying. Also, because of the less aggressive waves, India is a perfect surfing destination for beginner and intermediate surfers.

5.      Pollacheeny Harbour – Ireland

Surfing is quickly picking up in Ireland by storm with the precious waves at the west, north and south coast beaches. The locals are becoming creative regarding hospitality to try and serve the visitors who make it to the location. Campsites around the main surf spots have become a thing here which also makes it easy for visitors to identify the best surf spots. Pollacheeny Harbour surf spot is only 6Km from the nearest campsite, which is at the Enniscrone Beach.

6.      Cheduba Island – Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma) is a young nation enjoying its freedom after years of military rule. As a result, people are frequently visiting this country to experience its culture and spend vacations. Cheduba Island is one of the destinations that these visitors spend time. Visitors are also introducing water sports such as surfing to make use of the consistent swells across the shores. Since adventurists and surfers are yet to know about this destination, you will enjoy the pleasure of being uncrowded if you make it to Myanmar in 2019.