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Since the world is going green, eco-camping is the way to go this year for the adventurous. Eco camps are an excellent means to interact with nature in a very simplistic manner. If you are thinking of stepping out of your comfort zones and embrace eco-friendly touring this time around, think eco camping. It does not have to be all simple; you can also share in the experience with a little glamor added to it.

Besides being friendly to the environment, eco-camping could save you a lot of your vacation money. The cost of staying in an eco-camp is nowhere close to the price for a night in a three or four-star hotel. Also, you save on food and fuel since most of these needs will be fulfilled through natural supplies and not expensive cuisines. That said, here is our list of eco-camps you ought to experience in 2019.

The Eco Camp (USA)

The Eco Camp is located in the Oak Opening region in Ohio. The camp is designed to provide a luxurious stay for its visitors in this region. Every tent comes with a carpeted floor, a queen size mattress for comfort, and cutlery. The tents also use solar energy and have battery packs to power up any electronics that you may carry along. Other additions include coolers with replenishment ice made available, mosquito spray and some personal stuff. To maximize your stay, you can visit parks such as the Oak Opening Metropark near the camp for some outdoor activities.

EcoCamp Patagonia (Chile)

If you wish to experience nature at the center of wildlife, the EcoCamp Patagonia is your best choice. Located at the heart of the Torres del Paine National park, this camp is like no other. There is a selection of ‘domes’ to choose from depending on the size of your team. Additionally, you can enjoy several outdoor activities including; wildlife safaris, kayaking, biking, boat, and horse riding. You will also love the Torres del Paine W Trek, where you get to experience the best this region has to offer such as the base of the towers, French Valley and Grey Glacier.

Dingboche (Nepal)

Dingboche is one among the many eco campsites within Nepal`s Everest and Annapurna regions. The campsites are comfortable for visitors and are in a strategic place that offers a beautiful view of the Himalayas. The eco-camps include raised beds with beddings, solar power, traditionally furnished dining rooms and western–style toilets. Alternative sources of energy are embraced here to encourage environmental conservation. One amazing practice you will encounter here is the use of dried buffalo dung for heating.

Ursa Major Geolodge (Mongolia)

The landscape in Mongolia makes it a perfect destination for camping especially its huge and wild stretches. Ursa Major is one of the eco-lodges that the Mongolian based brand “Out of Nowhere” provides. The Ursa Major Geolodge provides a spectacular view of the Orkhon Valley. The use of water and electricity is limited at the lodge to ensure environmental conservation. However, the Ursa Major provides towels scented with essential oils for cleansing. The tents are fitted with a carpet, sleeping bags, king size beds, and traditional décor to ensure comfort. Since this area is also popular for great star constellations, a telescope is provided to facilitate this experience. Special activities to enjoy here include; traditional archery, Orkhon waterfalls, a visit to the monasteries, and Uurtiin Tokhoi cliffs.

Kandy Eco Camp (Sri Lanka)

One thing about the Island of Sri Lank is that despite its fair share of nature, many people have not identified its potential as a camping site. Hence, you can take advantage of this uncrowded ‘Serendipity’ Island and make a trip of a lifetime to the Kandy Eco Camp. There is a lot to experience in the rainforests and jungles available. Activities here include; kayaking, water rafting, and studying different species of birds and butterflies. You can also get the rare chance to ride an elephant which is a common activity in this country.

Camping is a great experience for anyone who loves nature or is adventurous. The availability of a facility to lean back on for relaxation or freshening up makes the experience even more enjoyable. Consequently, an eco-camp is exceptional because it not only helps you appreciate nature but also contribute to its conservation. If you intend to spend some time camping in 2019, try eco camping.