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Switzerland is a winter wonderland and has a huge variety of winter sports available. If you have plans to visit this country, then you should be ready for a lifetime experience. Here, winter sports include; sledge runs/tobogganing, skiing, freeriding, snowboarding among many more. If you are more interested in sledging, then this is a paradise of activities. The terrains are excellent and adequate for people of all ages and experiences including children. The following are some of the country`s best sledge runs.

1.      Grindelwald

The Jungfrau region is the perfect place to be for a sledging escapade. The area has never-ending adventures all the year round which makes it a great destination. In this region, you will have a chance to experience the longest sledge run in the world. Additionally, there are 18 variations to choose from just in case you are looking for variety. If you find it more fun to sledge in the dark, then Grindelwald will not disappoint. It is a very natural terrain that will push you to learn how to steer your sledge which is not only easy but also makes it even more exciting.

2.      Villars Les Diablerets

If you are looking for the ultimate experience, then the Les Diablerets has a lot in store for you. You can have a fun moment on the longest run in Switzerland at the Les Diablerets. The 7.2km long luge track is meant for the experts as well as the adventurous. The track is entirely safe for use by children and set away from the ski slopes to enhance its safety. The path is also open at night for the brave ones and anyone who finds night sledging exciting. However, night sledging is only available three times a week that is, on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

3.      Rigi

The Rigi Mountains is another must-go sledging destination in Switzerland. It is an easily accessible place with perfect terrains for families and friends. There are five sledge runs to try in this region. One is the Rigi Klum-Staffel-Klösterli, 3.1Km long and also the most popular. Second, there is the Staffel-Rigi Klösterli which is 2.4Km long. Another option is the Rigi Kulm-Schwändi-Rigi Klösterli a 4km long sledge run. Finally, there is the Rigi Burggeist-Gschwänd which is 4Km and the Staffelhöhe-Rigi Kaltbad 0.5Km sledge run.

4.      Disentis Sedrun

Sledding at Disentis Sedrun is quite an experience because you have to walk to the starting point before you can make a fun descent on a sled. Some of the sledge runs to explore here are; the 814 Schlittleweg Milez-Aufstieg 4Km, and the 815 Schlittleweg Mompe – Aufstieg 3Km. However, there is a total of 12Km worth of sledge runs in the region. Though the sledge runs are not illuminated for night sledding, the experience exceptional. Also, it is the right place for sledding intermediates and beginners.

5.      La Tzoumaz

La Tzoumaz is home to the longest sledge run in the western region of Switzerland. If you visit this area, you are most likely going to be thrilled by the sledging experience. Besides the thrilling descent on the sledge runs, this area boasts of its beautiful view of the Valais mountains. Whether you will choose to approach it from a competitive point of view or by taking your time to appreciate nature, the La Tzoumaz is a worthwhile experience.