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In the long spring break vacation period, you would want to make it memorable by visiting some of the coolest hot spots. There is no single right way to spend your spring break; all you need is to find a place that can help you unwind in the funniest way possible.

After a whole season of staying indoors, you don't want to miss spring's warm weather. Whether you are with friends or family, there are some fun places to be this season. Here is our recommendation of the top spring break destinations worth trying this year.

1.      Spring Ski in Avoriaz

One of the fun spring activities is skiing because at this time, the pistes are in good condition and the weather is very welcoming. However, skiing in Avoriaz in the spring season is exceptional because it merges skiing fun with the party moods. Here, you will do your skiing and enjoy music from some of the best artists you can find around. There are also different stages where music and ice-cold booze are served; the main stage, Apres stage, Igloo stage, infamous xx indoor club, and Downtown clubs. The musical event in Avoriaz this year runs from 23rd to the 30thof March.

2.      Head to Les Calanques

In the French Mediterranean coastline, lies an unexplored national park with breathtaking sites and beautiful landscapes. The Massif des Calanques is a major attraction in this area and stands at above 2,000 Ft at Mont Puget. It hosts some outdoor activities including; hiking, swimming, and rock climbing. You will also enjoy visiting the sun-kissed towering cliff of Cap Canaille. You will also love to explore this scenery on a boat at Port Miou which was a former quarry. The stones from this quarry have been used in many monuments including the base of the famous Statue of Liberty.

3.      Ski and Snow Boot in Les Diablerets

Enjoy skiing in one of Swiss Ski resort that has embraced modern development but still maintains a natural ambiance. If you are looking for a simple and traditional touch of a Swiss holiday, then the Les Diablerets is the place to be this spring season. You will love skiing and snowboarding on the Diablerets glacier. Additionally, this resort accommodates families with little children and has activities available for children between three and eight years of age.  There is also a selection of bars in the small resort where you can go dancing till late, or join in night activities organized by the office such as night toboggan runs.

4.      Water Sport in Tarifa

Now that the cold season is gone, you have all the freedom to play in the water all you want. A place you would probably love to explore this spring season is Tarifa. It is a small town within the Cádiz province in Spain. You can enjoy beach activities along the coastlines or choose to be at the center of all water sports this beautiful town has to offer. The main water sports to enjoy here include; surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, scuba diving, and paddle surfing. You can also go on a relaxing boat ride for other activities such as whale watching and bird watching.  

5.      Discover Valais

You will be amazed to discover what most artistic people have fallen in love with Valais. First, the panoramic view of the terrace of vineyards welcomes you to this mountainous landscape. UNESCO has realized the beauty and value in this place and has added it in the list of world heritage sites. Discover one of the sources of Switzerland’s fine wines by visiting the vineyards and explore this breathtaking experience. You cannot leave this place without having a view of the Alps from the Bisse de Clavau and hiking in the Mont-Rouge.

6.      Surf Trip to Levanto

The Gulf of Levanto has five different surfing spots that are; La Pietra, Casino, Pipetta, Nadia, and La Gritta. The one-kilometer long gulf is one of the top surfing spots in Italy. Over the last decade, the waves in this area have grown enormously reaching about four meters. In the spring season, it becomes particularly enjoyable to surf in the waters as the weather is equally favorable and warm as well. Surf winds are favorable when the southwest winds are blowing. Still this spot isn't consitent so check out the fortcast first before you go! If you want to try something new and on foreign land, this is one spot to try out this season.

7.      Ski and Bike around Annecy

Annecy is a town in the southeastern part of France and is said to be laid on the cleanest lake in France. Despite having local delicacies like banana and fresh Nutella crepes, you cannot avoid cycling in the area. Canals of the fresh water cut through the town, and you can spend all your time enjoying its beauty. If you like challenging terrains, you can cycle towards the Le Semnoz Mountain west of Lake Annecy, which is also a hot spot for skiing in the region.

8.      Surf Trip to Lacanau (France)

Lacanau is a surfing spot near Bordeaux which is easy to access through road, plane or even public transport. It is a top surfing spot in France and has excellent vibes with decent winds and waves reaching on average 1.5 meters. In the spring season, you will enjoy most coveted morning waves when the winds are usually offshore and avoid the summer crowds. If you are a beginner, there are no worries since the surfing conditions are favorable for any surfer, intermediate and experts alike.  

9.      Biking around Lake Garda (Italy)

The warm climate around Lake Garda creates a favorable riding environment which is probably why it is home to the annual FSA Bike Festival. The area offers a total of 1,730 Km of riding through its 44 riding trails available. If you like challenging courses, the Monte Calino offers a rocky track through a forest within the Tenno area. When it's time to break, you can have refreshments and probably stay in a restaurant on the mountain.

10. Ski tour to Piz Palü  

Even in the spring season, you can still have some fun skiing in the best pistes. Experience good skiing even at 3000 m at Piz Palü, which is quite a famous mountain in Switzerland. Explore the three major points of the mountain that is the East summit, West summit, and middle summit. You will also love the Vadret Pers glacier whose height is the main attraction among skiers here. The highest point of the mountain is the middle summit which is about 3900 m.